Attributes of successful Designers

To be a successful professional in any field requires a certain set of qualities. Design is no different. Designers  are  renowned for being well organized, efficient and creative beings. To be successful in the design world, one must be able to meet deadlines, produce fantastic work and be well liked like in the industry.

Here is a short list of what I believe to be the most crucial attributes of successful graphic designers:

  1. Punctuality.This may be the most important attribute of any professional. Being punctual goes hand in hand with being reliable, and thus key for forming trusting relationships with clients. Showing up on time, or better yet, a little early, for creative meetings shows the client that you are serious about the project and dedicated to providing the best possible solution for them. It’s also integral in making a great first impression.
  2. Eloquence. Being able to clearly communicate and covey ideas is key when working in design. As creative a creative person, it most likely comes easy to you to understand and visualize ideas and concepts as they are presented to you. However, for those who do not share the creative gene, it often requires more explination to grasp ideas. It’s important for designers to be able to get their ideas across concisely to clients. A client will be more at ease wit the process if they have a clear understanding and visual of the final outcome.
  3. Professionalism. To be professional is to put out an image of confidence and knowledgeability. You want to dress appropriately and present yourself as clean, put together, trend savvy and modest. Also, speaking professionally is very important. Always be polite and approachable when meeting with clients.
  4. Energy. People feed off of positivity! Putting out positive energy is never a bad thing. Being bright and cheery will always be of benefit to you in any situation. To be eager and excited about new projects will help your client feel more confident in you skills. If you are a positive person that people like being round, its more likely you will be hired back.
  5. Knowledgeability. To present yourself as someone who is knowledgeable in their field  is always good. Talking about and relating things to previous projects or past experience will help your client feel more confident in your abilities. To show that you have experience and are aware of current trends lends itself well to creating a great image.

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