Easy DIY Bat Wing Tutorial – Last Minute Halloween Costume

Every year, for as long as I can remember, mid way through september I already have my Halloween costume definitively picked out. This Halloween however, I had been so busy with school and work, and neglected to put any effort into my spooky outfit choice.

A few nights before Halloweekend it dawned on me that I was not at all prepared for the festivities ahead. Immediately I rushed to my phone and started googling “easy DIY last minute halloween costume ideas”. I was disappointed to find hardly anything that peaked my interest of that I have not already done in the past. I knew I wanted to do something involving dark makeup, but the rest was beyond me. Until one day it dawned on me.. I could be a cute little bat, with minimal effort. All I had to do was wear all black – a fashion statement I am quite fond of, get myself some ears and make bat wings out of black fabric.

I consulted a few previously created tutorials, which were very helpful.

How To: Easy Bat Wings for Halloween or Dress Ups

DIY No-Sew Bat Wings

Here is how I decided to make my bat wings, and a little tutorial on how to:

  1. Measure your wing span. This is the distance from finger tip to finger tip on outstretched arms. Purchase a piece of black fabric that is at least this size.
  2. Gather your supplies. You will need your fabric, scissors, chalk, measuring tape, black hair elastic, a sewing needle, black thread and two safety pins.bat-6
  3. Measure your wing span and cut fabric to that size. Next, fold the fabric in half and draw the shape of your wings in chalk. You may want to use the safety pins to hold the fold fabric in place.bat-5
  4. Cut out your shape.bat-4
  5. On the longest point of each side of the wings (the top), you will sew finger loops to keep wings in place. Cut a black hair elastic in half.bat-3
  6. Fold the elastic and sew it to the tip of the wing. You may want to use a pin to keep elastic in place.bat-2
  7. Lastly, using two safety pins, fasten the wings to your back. Place your fingers through the finger loops and there you have it – bat wings!bat-1

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