Camile Rose Garcia’s SNOW WHITE BOOK (SIGNED COPY)- Reader Review

Product specifications:

“Hardcover edition of Camille Rose Garcia’s illustrated “Snow White”, with original text by the Brothers Grimm, with over 40 full color illustrations. Published in 2012 by Harper Collins. 80 pages, 6″ x 81/2″. signed by the artist.”


Camile Rose Garcia is a Los Angeles,California, based Painter, Illustrator, and toy-maker. She has been exhibited in many fine art galleries partaking in group as well as solo shows. Her illustration style is referred to as “broken narrative paintings of wasteland fairy tales” –

Snow White is the second of three story books that Garcia has illustrated. The other two books belonging to the short series are Lewis Carroll’s Alice and Wonderland and Charles Perrault’s Cinderella. Like the other two, Garcia has kept the original text from the Brothers Grimm and has swapped in her illustrations.


What makes Garcia’s illustrated books so engaging is the way she handles text and image relationships. It is particularly interesting to see which words or sentences she choses to emphasize over others. The artist truly has a knack for taking a classic and introducing it to her own strange illustrated world.


Her illustrated version of Snow White was so successful because of the consistency Garcia used throughout. All the elements used throughout the narrative make sense and work as a strong cohesive unit. Lastly, another great feature in which makes these books so unique is that each and every copy is hand signed, making them a great collectible piece.



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